Our Approach

MERA UX&I studio tends to follow a standardized process to drive high performance and eventual success. Although each of these phases may not be applicable to a specific project, the process can be summarized in four phases:


Understanding people’s experiences and the context in which they live, is the key to success. Initially, we analyze your industry, competition, and recent trends to qualify user expectations and context. Coupled with input from your subject matter experts and sample users, we gain an understanding of core user needs and preferences in order to build an appealing product and fulfill your requirements.

  • Study the landscape
  • Understand brand strategy and primary audience
  • Brainstorm for fundamental design ideas
  • Product brief
  • User research report
  • Low-definition design concept


Crafting detailed user flows and wireframes to showcase the entire experience and information structure. We create and develop a set of flows and structures for the project. Dedicated tools are used to create prototypes which are a basis for discussion and decision making. You as a customer will be actively involved into discussions to ensure our efforts meet expectations.

  • Sketch or prototype the main experience
  • Create and discuss wireframes
  • Harmonize user experience and information structure with customer
  • Listen to early feedback from customer and end-users
  • Low-definition flows and wireframes
  • Sketches and prototypes
  • User testing report


Adding beauty and visual perfection to your product. We design for all the senses but sight comes first. Every visual detail in branding, marketing, and design is under constructive criticism to produce an attractive yet balanced final product.

  • Corporate identity
  • Mockup and Layout design
  • Interaction design
  • Icon and Illustration design
  • Styles and color schemes
  • Mockups and Layouts
  • High-definition flows
  • Graphical assets and specifications


We deliver a complete package consisting of designs, wireframes, user flows, information architectures, and interactive prototypes, so your development team has all assets to implement the experience we created. And, we do not stop there. After project completion, we continue to gauge satisfaction levels, changing goals, enhancement needs, and assist you in defining future development.